Anniversary present is big surprise to kids

My son and his girlfriend have been dating for three years.

They are in their twenties, and they are both responsible, generous, and kind.

They really are two good kids. When they celebrated their third anniversary last month, my wife and I decided to do something very special for them. They were going to spend a few days in Clearwater. They rented a hotel room right on Clearwater Beach. They were going to spend all day at the beach, because they spent all of their money for the hotel rental. My wife and I thought we could buy them a very special anniversary present. We decided to buy each one of them a CityPass for the Tampa area. The CityPASS is a great way to see all of the Tampa area sites for one low price. My son and his girlfriend went to Busch Gardens one day, and the next day they spent at the Lowry Zoo. They even had a few hours to spend at the Florida aquarium. They really liked the Florida aquarium, and they took dozens of pictures of jellyfish, stingrays, tropical fish, and sharks. The CityPass is great for tourists, because it is a low-cost admission that allows each person to see multiple sites. The Tampa City pass is only $110 per person, and the admission includes a ticket to Busch Gardens, Zoo Tampa, the Marine aquarium, and The Florida Aquarium. You can also choose to visit the Museum of Science and Industry or the Chihuly collection. That’s five of the best Tampa area destinations for the low price of $110 per person.

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Real Estate attorney gets involved in shady deal

My wife and I spent more than a year looking for our house.

We lived in an apartment for 5 years.

We spent a long time saving every penny so we could pick the perfect place. My wife and I wanted a large piece of property with a brick house, in-ground pool, and fireplace. We also wanted to make sure that the house had a new HVAC unit. It’s one of the most expensive pieces of equipment to replace, and I knew my wife and I wouldn’t have that kind of cash in the first year or two after buying our house. We looked at several cottages by the beach and two cute little bungalows over by Lake green. We saw a few condos, but we really wanted something with land and our own pool. When we finally found the perfect 4 bedroom ranch, it had everything on our list. The kitchen had brand new appliances that was a great touch. The owner of the house claimed that the HVAC unit was only 1 year old. When we agreed to purchase the home, it was under the assumption that everything was true. When we found out that the owner was dishonest about a few things, we decided to get a real estate attorney involved. Luckily, my wife’s brother is a real estate attorney. We didn’t have to spend a lot of money and pay a huge retainer. My wife got her brother to become involved. The owner of the house was happy to back out of the deal after speaking with the real estate attorney. We even got our money returned from the deposit.



What BAS offers

Most buildings include several energy systems such as lighting, boilers plus A/C.

Over 50% of operating budget is respectfully spent on just lighting, heating plus cooling.

This expense greatly impacts the bottom line plus success of the business. Along with the problem over costs, workers plus clients are affected by temperature plus indoor air quality… Very often, management has difficulty keeping up with correct maintenance plus is unaware of unit operating ineffectively. An uncomfortable plus unhealthy indoor environment is frequently an indicator of machinery plus systems operating at diminished capacity. Without access to information, nothing is done to solve the problems. A building automation system is an ideal tool for the commercial space. It is a network of wireless systems linked to provide superior management of the unit plus optimize energy efficiency. A building automation system or BAS offers information on unit performance plus facilitates control, monitoring plus upkeep. A single interface or an app on mobile devices provides the ability to analyze system data, program ninths of operation, track energy history plus react to trends. Everything from exhaust fans to heat pumps, rooftop units, air handling units plus more can be fully automated, but helpful alerts for water leaks, gas detection, power outages plus temperature swings can be included to catch problems as rapidly as possible. Even if no one is on the premises, the BAS offers real time replaces plus the option to problem shoot plus make adjustments. Avoiding costly repairs, property disfigure, loss of inventory, diminished productivity, downtime plus energy waste rapidly reclaims the investment in to a current building automation system.

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Automated security and locks

My spouse works truly long ninths plus often doesn’t arrive condo until the kids are already in bed.

I recently accepted a promotion at my task which has resulted in truly different ninths. Although our children are now kids, my spouse plus I weren’t comfortable with them getting condo from university to an empty house. Every one of us started by asking them to text us once they were safely inside the house. This didn’t set my mind at ease, plus the kids often forget to send the text. I considered asking my mother to go over to our house, however the kids were not happy about the system of a babysitter. A coworker of mine advocated a condo automation system. I thought that an automation system simply allowed a homeowner to control the thermostat plus lights. I didn’t realize we could incorporate an entire security system that includes surveillance cameras, motion sensors, windows sensors plus door locks. I am able to watch real time video of the front door of my condo through my computer. I know when the kids get condo from university, because I watch them walk up to the door. I also get notified that the access code to unlock the front door has been punched into the alarm system. I am aware if my oldest son tries to sneak his bestie into the condo while my spouse plus I area at work. I have the peace of mind of knowing that all of the windows are securely shut plus the doors locked. I can even talk to the kids through the system.

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Custom furniture builder creates replica of destroyed clock

My grandfather built a clock that always stood in the living room of my childhood home.

The grandfather clock was constructed from black walnut and was quite intricate.

I used to listen for the chimes to know the time. The clock was a family heirloom, and I expected to one day have it in my own house. Unfortunately, while I was away at college, there a grease fire at my mom and dad’s house. Although no one was hurt, the house sustained a great deal of damage. The grandfather clock was totally destroyed. I spent the next several years searching antique stores and estate sales, hoping to come across a similar clock. The piece my grandfather built was totally unique. It was irreplaceable and I was terribly disappointed. When I got engaged to be married I told my fiance the story of the clock. Without telling me, he asked my parents for any photographs they had of the grandfather clock. He took these photographs to a custom furniture builder and commissioned an exact replica. I can’t even imagine the cost involved. The master craftsman did a fantastic job of duplicating the clock. He was conscientious about everything from the type of wood to the detailed etchings. My fiance presented me with the clock as a wedding gift and I cried. I was utterly amazed and so very happy. The custom built clock now sits in my homes and I love to hear the chimes. I am very thankful for the efforts of both my husband and the custom furniture builder.

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Searching for custom furniture builder to furnish newly built home

When my husband and I built our new home, I was super excited to furnish it.

With an open floor plan, the possibilities were nearly limitless. We both hoped to create a very welcoming and comfortable living environment. However, we wanted our furniture to be unique and of high quality. We both prefer heavy, dark wood furniture and deep, rich colors for the fabrics. I started by visiting all of the local furniture stores. I was extremely disappointed with the limited selection and low quality of the pieces. Every store seemed to offer the same thing. I then tried antique stores, but I didn’t like the idea of buying used furniture. Plus, the older furniture just isn’t all that comfortable or functional. After that, I began searching online. I typed in all sorts of different keywords, including quality furniture, unique furniture, hardwood furnishings and custom furniture. I discovered an amazing array of choices and some truly gorgeous, handcrafted furnishings. Most of the custom furniture shops and master craftsman provide a photo gallery on their websites. I spent hours looking at coffee tables, couches, chairs, dining room tables, ottomans, draperies and more. I planned to order the majority of the home’s furniture from a single craftsman in order to maintain continuity. I was fortunate to find a custom furniture builder located less than two hours away. Although we did the majority of the consultations online and over the phone, it was nice to finalize details in person. Plus, it made transporting the furniture much easier. Although the investment was much higher, the custom furniture is just perfect and the quality is outstanding.

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I got French furniture custom made for my house

The custom furniture maker would make it on paper for us to see at the start

I have always been in love with France. I love the music, the sound of the language, good food and films that come out of that area. I especially appreciate the look of French furniture. The fabrics are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. The problem is getting the feel in an American home. I have tried purchasing French furniture online and it is constantly a cheap knock off. The material doesn’t hold up at all and fabrics tear fast. I finally have figured out how to get a French provincial manor theme in my property. I had to call an interior designer and custom furniture store. The interior designer helped select the fabrics and look of the home. As a crew all of us found throw pillows, curtains and rugs that went with the style. She then worked with the custom furniture builder on how the kitchen table, bed frame and living room furniture should look. The interior designer was so wonderful, she really knew what I wanted. She was on the builder right down to the style of gloss and stain was on the furniture. There is a particular shape that reflects French Furniture. There is a bunch of sweeping arches and pointed tops when it comes to chairs and dressers. The custom furniture maker would make it on paper for us to see at the start. Then the designer and I would discuss the color, sign off on it and he would make it. Each furniture item has been made by hand carefully and then added to the home.



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Getting our modern condo decorated

Shelby and I have finished the workforce and are now living in the south.

Shelby and I have more currency saved than we know what to do with.

My wife Shelby has constantly wanted to decorate a house with a theme in mind. So I told her to call an interior designer and make her house look the way she wants it. At first, I was a little concerned about what she was going to do to the condo. The interior designer showed us a bunch of themes that had me cringing inside. French provincial manor was way too elegant for a beach condo, and desert eclectic beach condo was too brown and pink for my taste. Southwest style was just plain hideous in my opinion. I was glad the designer and my wife Shelby choose a style that is way more modern. The type is called contemporary condo and it is right what I want. The colors are not as brightly colored and the space looks way more clean and sleek like. The furniture pieces are in light colors that are comfortable. All of us don’t have any paintings, a grand piano or ugly throw pillows either. The designer has been good about making the condo look like a guy also lives in the home. What I especially liked was that he proposed a custom furniture maker to build a cupboard to hold all my hockey equipment. The guy made the cupboard out of hardwood and all my gear will just sit in the shelving unit. My hockey bag has an exact spot that it fits. The gear is straight-forward to access and use.



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No security system?

Can I just tell you how glad I am that every one of us pay for a fully monitored house security system! Last month, while our family was sound asleep, every one of us had a frightening experience that could have ended really badly if not for the plan that every one of us have installed in our house and on our property.

We live in an affluent town where several of the homes, including our own, are in the million dollar price range.

We all job really difficult for what every one of us have so every one of us do what every one of us can to keep ourselves and our belongings safe, and this includes paying for a security plan that is monitored 24/7. At times every one of us question why every one of us pay so much for it however I can tell you that they could charge me double from now on and I would never complain. While every one of us were sleeping Last week a group of men were in the space and they were breaking into homes that they knew did not have a security system. They hit many houses before they entered our property. Apparently they thought every one of us did not have a plan either because every one of us didn’t have any signs in the yard to indicate that it was in venue. The motion sensor in the yard had alerted the monitoring service and they had contacted the police within hours. The cameras had recorded the individuals and by the time the doorbell rang it was a police officer stating that all was well. I didn’t even guess that there was a problem. That was the best feeling in the world and I will never again complain about paying for any sort of security system.
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My wife has the exercise bug, plus looks fantastic

I feel incredibly fortunate to kneel here plus how everyone that some woman has lost lots of weight since a date of our wedding.

  • How several guys could say some women married for Education Plus better-paying jobs, less than losing some weight at equal same times.

So few people can honestly say these to believe some are lying but this is a short to be the plane exact truth. I actually saw a diamond inside the rough, a woman needing to guess in herself like using tools for smart nutrition plus exercise and becoming that version. She did all this work without paying for a personal trainer. I believe this important thing has two points our day plus age. Many people use personal trainers plus even gems will assign a personal trainer to every person for monitoring. My wife actually developed a personal fitness program that helps her watch over everything she was drinking plus eating. The workout program was actually intense, though she was able to stick with the program for months in plus months out. It was no simple point for her though she was losing some weight and improving her overall health + Wellness. She gained an equal amount of respect from myself plus others during the process. Through the time, she focused simply on herself. She didn’t even exist that myself plus others began that workout program. Of course she absolutely made us all want to work out and get in better physical shape, especially now that she looks completely fantastic. We all want to look better and feel great.



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