Marketing Strategies for our HVAC provider

My dad and a friend of his started this company some 4 decades ago.

They were more than one of the most driven Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialists in the area.

Both of them were highly regarded and credentialed. The more than one of them decided to pool their money and talents to labor for themselves. Initially, they faced a dire reality of local company competition attempting to drive them out of the market. However, through perseverance, determination and truly high quality work, they were able to make a foothold. Back then, my dad didn’t think so much about the marketing side of things. He felt that the quality of his workmanship and his enjoyable name were all the marketing that he genuinely needed. This was tploy to a certain extent. However, as the company grew he did place ads and engaged a marketing dealer for print material and signage. But, that was about as far as it went because he just wasn’t interested in current marketing strategies. Now, I am in the position of taking the reigns of the dealer from my father. Capital investment is now under my charge. All of us still do things that the two of us agree on. But, dad has realized that I have done my marketing cabin work. The first thing I did was to replace our online marketing foot print. This was made easier when I engaged with a digital marketing firm. They are a regional dealer so suppose this market truly well. All of us have emplotted a strategy including SEM and SEO traffic drivers to enhance our online marketing. Additionally, the two of us have completely redesigned the website to offer a more intuitive and user friendly site.