Making Ends Meet with Custom Label Making and Printing

The Bepop is very easy to learn and master.

Our family is growing by leaps and bounds. We have been fortunate that our plan of being independently employed has continued to be a viable option for us. I probably would have laughed if anyone had predicted that I would be in the printing services business when I was in college. I was still pretty much following the herd toward a bachelors degree in something that would get me a good entry level position. That all changed as soon as I met the person whom I would soon share my life with. I soon was introduced to making my own career instead of following a predetermined path. We both fell in love with idea of serving a local market with something that was creative but fiscally viable. There was a lot of research but the thing that kept coming up to us was the printing and label making business. We did our homework through investing a good chunk of time working straight jobs while we did deep market research on the digital printing small business. I’m certainly glad that we spent the time doing our due diligence. We were prepared to launch and grow nearly simultaneously. Purchasing the Bepop all in one cutting and printing system allowed us a great deal of versatility with the label making. Our vinyl labels were an immediate hit. The Bepop is very easy to learn and master. The entire system has felt so intuitive from the most basic to one off creative large vinyl labels. This has allowed for us to also be able to do business not just locally but also regionally. It makes us competitive in both price and product return time.

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