Landlords Should Consider Covering the Cost of Carpet Cleaning for Their Tenants

Do you own a home or commercial building that you rent out to tenants? I do.

I own a small house that I use as a rental.

I have been renting it out since 2010, and I have learned a couple of things. The first is the importance of replacing the a/c filter every three months. If you don’t have a plan to do that in place, you should consider getting one. If your tenant produces a receipt for an a/c filter each month, you should reimburse him the cost of it. In addition, if you have carpet in your building, you should definitely consider covering the cost of getting regular professional carpet cleanings for your tenants. Most people who rent do not give one fig about taking care of the carpet. A commercial carpet cleaning company might charge quite a bit for professionally cleaning the rugs, and a tenant is not likely to pay for it. They would rather just vacuum and move if the carpet gets too dirty for their liking. On the other hand, if you are willing to hire the carpet cleaning company every few months, you are much less likely to be forced to replace the carpet every time a tenant moves out. At first, that is what I was doing. Every time a tenant moved out, I had to call the flooring store and purchase all new carpet for the house. Now, I get quarterly commercial carpet cleaning for the house. I do not leave it to the tenant to schedule it or pay for it. Instead, I take care of the details. Now, the carpet lasts much longer, and it just makes better financial sense than constantly replacing carpeting.

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