Clearwater Beach is an amazing place to live

When my mom and dad retired, they decided to move to Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach is in Florida, and my mom and dad and the rest of my family have always lived in New York.

People joke about moving to Florida when they retire, but none of my friends or family ever left the area. In fact, most of my family and cousins live within six blocks of my house. We grew up playing stickball in the streets. We went to the same public school. When my mom and dad said they were going to move to Clearwater Beach in Florida, I thought it was a joke. After an hour of discussion, I quickly realized that my mom and dad were dead serious. They were even looking at property already. Then my mom and dad said that they wanted me to move to Clearwater Beach, Florida as well. I immediately scoffed at the request, until my dad told me that he wanted us to open a business in Clearwater Beach. They would have plenty of money after selling the house in New York, and my dad wanted the two of us to open a small fishing charter. A lot of things were happening at once, and it took some time for everything to sink into my brain. My dad was offering me a chance at the brass ring. Unfortunately, it meant having to leave all of my friends and family behind. It took weeks of contemplation before I was able to make a decision that I felt was sound. Can you guess where I live now?