Real Estate attorney gets involved in shady deal

My wife and I spent more than a year looking for our house.

We lived in an apartment for 5 years.

We spent a long time saving every penny so we could pick the perfect place. My wife and I wanted a large piece of property with a brick house, in-ground pool, and fireplace. We also wanted to make sure that the house had a new HVAC unit. It’s one of the most expensive pieces of equipment to replace, and I knew my wife and I wouldn’t have that kind of cash in the first year or two after buying our house. We looked at several cottages by the beach and two cute little bungalows over by Lake green. We saw a few condos, but we really wanted something with land and our own pool. When we finally found the perfect 4 bedroom ranch, it had everything on our list. The kitchen had brand new appliances that was a great touch. The owner of the house claimed that the HVAC unit was only 1 year old. When we agreed to purchase the home, it was under the assumption that everything was true. When we found out that the owner was dishonest about a few things, we decided to get a real estate attorney involved. Luckily, my wife’s brother is a real estate attorney. We didn’t have to spend a lot of money and pay a huge retainer. My wife got her brother to become involved. The owner of the house was happy to back out of the deal after speaking with the real estate attorney. We even got our money returned from the deposit.