Automated security and locks

My spouse works truly long ninths plus often doesn’t arrive condo until the kids are already in bed.

I recently accepted a promotion at my task which has resulted in truly different ninths. Although our children are now kids, my spouse plus I weren’t comfortable with them getting condo from university to an empty house. Every one of us started by asking them to text us once they were safely inside the house. This didn’t set my mind at ease, plus the kids often forget to send the text. I considered asking my mother to go over to our house, however the kids were not happy about the system of a babysitter. A coworker of mine advocated a condo automation system. I thought that an automation system simply allowed a homeowner to control the thermostat plus lights. I didn’t realize we could incorporate an entire security system that includes surveillance cameras, motion sensors, windows sensors plus door locks. I am able to watch real time video of the front door of my condo through my computer. I know when the kids get condo from university, because I watch them walk up to the door. I also get notified that the access code to unlock the front door has been punched into the alarm system. I am aware if my oldest son tries to sneak his bestie into the condo while my spouse plus I area at work. I have the peace of mind of knowing that all of the windows are securely shut plus the doors locked. I can even talk to the kids through the system.

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