Custom furniture builder creates replica of destroyed clock

My grandfather built a clock that always stood in the living room of my childhood home.

The grandfather clock was constructed from black walnut and was quite intricate.

I used to listen for the chimes to know the time. The clock was a family heirloom, and I expected to one day have it in my own house. Unfortunately, while I was away at college, there a grease fire at my mom and dad’s house. Although no one was hurt, the house sustained a great deal of damage. The grandfather clock was totally destroyed. I spent the next several years searching antique stores and estate sales, hoping to come across a similar clock. The piece my grandfather built was totally unique. It was irreplaceable and I was terribly disappointed. When I got engaged to be married I told my fiance the story of the clock. Without telling me, he asked my parents for any photographs they had of the grandfather clock. He took these photographs to a custom furniture builder and commissioned an exact replica. I can’t even imagine the cost involved. The master craftsman did a fantastic job of duplicating the clock. He was conscientious about everything from the type of wood to the detailed etchings. My fiance presented me with the clock as a wedding gift and I cried. I was utterly amazed and so very happy. The custom built clock now sits in my homes and I love to hear the chimes. I am very thankful for the efforts of both my husband and the custom furniture builder.

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