Getting our modern condo decorated

Shelby and I have finished the workforce and are now living in the south.

Shelby and I have more currency saved than we know what to do with.

My wife Shelby has constantly wanted to decorate a house with a theme in mind. So I told her to call an interior designer and make her house look the way she wants it. At first, I was a little concerned about what she was going to do to the condo. The interior designer showed us a bunch of themes that had me cringing inside. French provincial manor was way too elegant for a beach condo, and desert eclectic beach condo was too brown and pink for my taste. Southwest style was just plain hideous in my opinion. I was glad the designer and my wife Shelby choose a style that is way more modern. The type is called contemporary condo and it is right what I want. The colors are not as brightly colored and the space looks way more clean and sleek like. The furniture pieces are in light colors that are comfortable. All of us don’t have any paintings, a grand piano or ugly throw pillows either. The designer has been good about making the condo look like a guy also lives in the home. What I especially liked was that he proposed a custom furniture maker to build a cupboard to hold all my hockey equipment. The guy made the cupboard out of hardwood and all my gear will just sit in the shelving unit. My hockey bag has an exact spot that it fits. The gear is straight-forward to access and use.



Mediterranean manor