Forgetting to close the window

As the weather transitions from the cold winter into the spring, we have to transition from using our furnace to our air conditioning.

I knew that the landlord was going to make the switch soon, but he didn’t say exactly when.

The weather was nice and comfortable without temperature control. The past week or so has consisted of a comfortable temperature hovering in the sixties. To me, this is ideal as it gets. In fact, I’ve had the windows open in my bedroom for over a week straight now. There’s no need for temperature control when you have a nice cool breeze rolling in. However, the weather has spiked in temperature the last few days. We have had temperatures as high as eighty five degrees! The landlord decided that it was time to turn on the air conditioning. Unfortunately for me, I forgot that I had my window open all this time! I came home from a long day out in the sun and couldn’t wait to curl up in my room and enjoy the air conditioning. However, I had left all of the windows open in my room! All of the cool air had leaked right out and the room was as warm as ever! I shut the windows as soon as I noticed, but it still took about thirty minutes for the room to cool down. Once the air conditioning filled the room, I was nice and comfortable, but I was disappointed that I wasted all that energy. It was nice to have fresh air all the time in my room, but it’s time to keep the windows shut for the remainder of the summer! It’s too hot for that now.

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