HVAC technicians never know what they might find in clients’ homes

My husband Joe was working at a house on the outskirts of town last week.

  • It was at a house that he had never been to before, so he didn’t really know the clients at all.

Joe is used to finding weird stuff when he does ventilation duct cleanings, but he’s used to finding things like puzzle pieces and lost jewelry. At this particular client’s house, Joe didn’t know what to expect. He parked the HVAC van in the driveway and took in all of his ventilation duct cleaning equipment into the house. Then he took the covers off of the air ducts and got to work. A short while later he heard a weird thump and the vent cleaning system turned itself off. Joe went to check and see what had been stuck in the air vent and he found a big ball of feathers! The feathers had been clogging up the air vents and Joe said that he couldn’t see how the air conditioning or heating had been working in the house at all. He also thought it was super weird to find a big ball of feathers in an air vent. He mentioned it to the homeowner once he finished up with the air duct cleaning and he found out that the client was a collector of rare birds. That would explain the big bunch of feathers! I guess it could have been worse. Joe could have found a bunch of snakeskins in the ventilation ducts. That would have been really terrifying, since Joe really hates reptiles!


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