Heat Pumps Are Perfection in the South

Living in the South can include some cool weather during our mild winter.

However, it’s mostly sun and heat that dominate the weather landscape down here.

I don’t live quite far enough south to not experience any type of winter. This region gets about 3 months of cool enough weather that the heat gets turned on occasionally. I’m certainly not complaining given the horror stories I hear about the winter up north. However, I sure am happy about my choice for HVAC systems. It’s also nearly the universal choice of the entire region. Of course, I’m referring to the heat pump. Much of the year is comprised of heat. The heat pump does an excellent job of keeping our house cool. And it does so with an efficiency that is very pleasing to the household utility budget. I am sure to have the heat pump maintained on a semi annual basis. It works hard year round so I like to make sure I’m giving it every chance to keep on doing just that. I have to count of the heat pump for cool and warmth. During the winter, the heat pump simply reverses the refrigerant flow. This way it is able to extract heat energy from the outside air. The heat pump can do this on its own down to about 45 degrees. After that, an electric heating panel supplements the heat energy. But, this system just works like a charm. The heat pump is so versatile and just perfectly suited to where I live.


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