The Amazing Versatility of Air Source Heat Pumps

A monumental achievement has just taken place for my wife and I.

We have completed the construction of our dream home. Well actually, it is the first home we have ever built from the ground up. We recently retired and moved far away from all the snow and cold we lived with all our lives. Those northern winters can just be brutal. I think both my wife and I had just had enough. It just took too much out of us to live with cold for at least 6 months of the year. I always had a furnace in the homes we owned. But during the construction of our home, I realized that we were now in the land of the heat pump. Or as they are properly called, Air Source Heat Pumps. I was just a tad skeptical if a heat pump could actually keep us warm during our new mild winters. We had a heating and cooling professional who showed us the ropes when it comes to using a heat pump. The efficiency and power of the heat pump is obvious for cooling during the long, hot summer. But I was interested to learn about what the heat pump did during the winter. The heating and cooling pro explained that a heat pump can extract heat energy from chilly air. He further explained that the heat pump can do this on its own down to about 45 degrees. After that, there is a heat panel that helps supplement the heat energy. This sort of thing would so not work where I just came from. But, I am happy to know that I will stay warm through the winter with the heat pump.


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