Indoor Fun Best With Good HVAC

Our weather is just so hot right now.

And lucky me, I have a house full of children who don’t want to go outside and play. Not really sure why we went to all the expense of having a pool put in. The kids actually tell me it is too hot outside to go swimming. I can hardly comprehend such a thing. If I had a pool at my house growing up, I would have grown gills because I was in it so much. So, the kids remain inside the house during the heat of the day. Inside is certainly far cooler that it is outside thanks for our state of the art heating and cooling system. However, I attempt to lessen the load on the HVAC system during the peak hours by pushing the thermostat to around 80 degrees. I also cover all the windows that get direct sun light. This helps lessen the ambient heating from the sun’s rays. Normally, we get through most of the afternoon without too much trouble. But, then the athletic equipment comes out and it gets crazy. There is all kinds of tackling and throwing of objects. Too often it leads to somebody getting pegged in the face. This leads to tears and full on physical fighting. Just the other day, I was about to yell at the kids to stop throwing a baseball around the house. The words had not left my lips before I heard the baseball shattering something plastic. I went to investigate only to find the HVAC thermostat in pieces strewn across the floor. The kids had all run to their respective rooms by this point. So now, I get to replace a thermostat and sweat until the HVAC man gets here.

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