Everyone is being so friendly

Right now, my office is the most comfortable place that I am in throughout the day.

The air conditioning system unit I have at condo has been dead for almost a month now.

It’s not that I do not have the cash to service it, it’s just that it’s right in the middle of summer time and the Heating and A/C supplier I work with is legitimately busy. Thus, I have come condo after work to a hot condo for the past multiple mornings in a row. The fact that it is now Monday does not provide me any encouragement at all. It means that I will not get the benefit of my office’s air conditioning system throughout the entire weekend. Seriously, if I could get away with sleeping in my office over the weekend I would totally do it. I guess I never fully enjoyed just how effective the air conditioning system is in my office at work until I lost my air conditioning system at home. It feels easily delightful to walk into it in the day after having to deal with a hot and sweaty bedroom all that previous night. Then, when it comes time to leave late in the day, I linger for as long as I can, enjoying the cooling effect of the air conditioning system one last moment before heading home. It entirely is tragic. As it stands, the Heating and A/C supplier that I rely on won’t be able to come over for an appointment until Sunday. I’m straight up telling them where they can find the condo key, so that they can do the task while I rest in my office and wait for them to be done. Then, I can finally come condo to a cool house!


HVAC serviceman