Buying a new vehicle with incredible climate control

I recently bought a new vehicle.

It’s the nicest one I’ve owned yet.

The monthly payment and insurance costs were certainly higher than what I was used to, but I felt it was worth it. It has a little more kick than I’m used to it as well. In short, I don’t have to apply all that much pressure to the gas pedal to really get moving. The steering is tighter and more sensitive as well. These are all good things as far as I’m concerned. Besides the performance of the vehicle, it is also a good deal more comfortable than what I had been used to before it. The seats are a nice leather and quite comfortable and fully adjustable. All this is wonderful, but the climate control system is what really blew me away when it came to comfort. Both the air conditioner and heating are extremely powerful. On the hottest day I have tested it yet, I have only ever needed to turn the air conditioner up halfway to be perfectly cooled. Mind you, it was 90 degrees outside with almost 100% humidity! The heater is like a blast furnace on full power. Okay, maybe it’s not that powerful, but it definitely gets the job done on a much lower setting. The defrost completely melts the ice off of my windshield and windows at a surprising rate in the mornings. If I said that the climate control system in this vehicle did a little more than it should have in convincing me to buy it I wouldn’t be lying! Then again, it is very nice to drive in comfort no matter the temperature or the weather.

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