Losing a furnace before winter ended

Last winter, my heating system gave out on me when I still had a couple months to go before things would start warming up. An HVAC technician had fixed it up as best as he could that previous October, but he warned that the unit was quite old and was on it’s way out. I suppose I could have gotten a complete replacement in time for winter, but I just felt that I did not have the money necessary. I decided to gamble on the furnace giving me one more winter before it gave out for good. It breathed it’s last three weeks into January. I had not been saving money in case the furnace had given out prematurely, so I was left with little options. I had to acclimate to some pretty severe freezing temperatures, but I made do as best as I could. I was always bundled up in layer after layer of clothing walking around the house. I invested in many, very thick blankets as well, some of which were electric. I also bought a couple of portable heating units that I could plug into whatever room I was occupying at the time. It surely was not the same as having a working central heating system, but I survived. At least my air conditioner is in pretty decent shape. It’s only 5 years old, and I expect it to not need too much maintenance to prepare for the summertime. However, before next year, I will certainly need to invest in a new furnace!

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