A performance at a local theater all but ruined by excessive heat.

There is this really big theater downtown that puts on plays and other shows throughout the year.

We are very happy to have it in our city as it adds culture and affluence to our town. Prices are pretty steep, as you would imagine, so me and my family have only gone to a performance a handful of times since I was younger. I remember them all to be at least somewhat enjoyable. I must say I have fond memories. That’s why I was excited when my mother got tickets for me and my father to go see The Nutcracker Suite this past December. We were really looking forward to it, but we couldn’t have anticipated one of the problems we ended up having once we were seated. Quite simply, it was far too hot in that theater. The heating system was set so high that we were wondering whether or not it was broken. Granted it was a brisk 40 degrees outside, but a cooler temperature on the thermostat would have kept us warm all the same. We shed as much winter clothing as was decently possible and still ended up sweating somewhat. It was unfortunate, because the performance was great. Still, I could not help but wonder just how hot and uncomfortable the performers were, as they were in the same theater after all. I could swear that I could spy sweat glistening on some of their brows and I felt bad for them. Whose idea was it to turn the theater into a furnace? The cold winter air was actually a welcome respite after the show!



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