HVAC and personal problems don’t mix

I have been an HVAC contractor for several years now.

  • I have seen a lot of potentially good HVAC technicians come and go.

Most of them fail because they never learn to leave their personal life at home. Some of these people just carry it right to work with them and that doesn’t work. You work in very close confines when you are an HVAC technician. You are in people’s homes and they don’t want to hear about your girlfriend, or your marriage breaking up. I hired one man that I thought was going to be a very good asset until his wife walked out on him. For two days he cried about his wife leaving and then he got angry when he realized how much she had taken with her. He was either on the phone or texting, the entire time he was in the office. I was hoping he was keeping it in the office, until I began to get phone calls from the customers. I had one man tell me that my HVAC technician chased him out of his own basement because he asked a question about the furnace. This wasn’t the kind of attitude that I wanted from my HVAC technicians. I stopped in to check on him while he was working one afternoon. He was yelling into his phone and being very nasty. I walked in and told him his job was finished with me. He needed to learn how to control his anger and not to bring his troubles to his jobsite with him. If he ever gets his act in gear, I may give him a second chance.

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