He said he felt like a fool

He couldn’t believe she would do this to him

It is hard for me to believe that the owner of the largest HVAC company in the area, got scammed. I’m hoping that this doesn’t lead to him having to quit the business because he is an excellent HVAC company to work with. He has always been fair with his prices, and his technicians do excellent jobs. His HVAC company is so good that he doesn’t even have any competition in our area because no one can get any business. I found out that what happened was when he hired his cousin to work as his secretary. He was in a bind when his old secretary got sick. For the next three years his cousin worked on the computer and did all of the ordering and she did all of the invoices. She even took charge of the inventory so all he had to do was enjoy being a HVAC technician. Some of the customers were beginning to complain about how high the prices were getting and this puzzled him. While his cousin was on vacation, he began to go over the books and through the inventory. Nothing was evening out because he had less inventory and more sales than he could remember having. He was able to find out that she was keeping two separate books and she was stealing from the company. She had pulled almost $75,000 dollars over the last three years. He couldn’t believe she would do this to him. She told him she had a gampbling problem and apologized, but he still called the police and had her arrested. Now he is trying to salvage his HVAC company.


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