He wanted to be an HVAC technician

When you want to make a career out of something, it is never good to take a shortcut.

That is what my brother did.

He tried to take a shortcut through the system when he wanted to be a HVAC technician. I know there are some reputable companies that will hire someone and let them work as an apprentice to earn their HvAC certification. My brother chose one that offered an apprenticeship and ‘full pay’ while working. I couldn’t believe this was what the company was doing and I warned my brother about taking the job. For over a year, he was taking tests and working. He did a lot of training and he was finally given his HVAC certificate. In the meantime, he was getting paid half of what he was getting promised. The certificate they gave him wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. When I read it over, it simply stated that it was a certificate of completion of his apprenticeship. It didn’t give him the title of certified HVAC technician. He was really upset when he saw this and he said it was time to quit. He must have uttered those words to the wrong person. Even before he could go job hunting, the owner of his HVAC company called him in and fired him. He told him that no one quits on him. He also told him that there wasn’t a HVAC company in this town that would hire him when he was done. He was wrong about that. When a friend of mine heard about what happened, he told him he could have a job as soon as he completed the HVAC certification course at the local college.


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