Stay clear of that HvAC company

I was shocked to hear that the HVAc company in our town was still in business.

He was a horrible company to deal with and when people found out what he was doing, they all went to another HVAC company for their work.

He had already gained a reputation for his bad business habits when I came to town. I learned that most of his employees weren’t certified HvAC technicians. Someone told me that if you had a couple of tools and you didn’t mind getting paid late most of the time, the man would hire you. I think that the only person who was a certified HVAC technician was the owner. We all knew that he paid these guys by the hour. If one of them came to your house to do service, it would often take two or three hours to do the job. They were making more money by sticking around longer. Then we found out that they were putting used parts in our HVAC systems when they needed repaired. Someone laughed and said that next we would hear that we were also getting used HVAC equipment when we ordered new. When the HVAC company was audited, that is exactly what they found out. I can’t believe that no one is in jail and that he still has some customers. I’m sure they are just the people who recently moved into our area. If they had heard about this HVAC company owner’s reputation, there is no way they would be his customer. There has to be some way to warn people about them before they make that call.

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