The HVAC company stole from us

The same HVAC company that we had been dealing with for years, was stealing our money.

I was shocked when I realized how long the HvAC company had been gouging for repairs and services that we didn’t even need.

I was more shocked to find out that the HVAC company owner didn’t know anything about these practices. I really liked the HVAC company until this happened. We had a good HvAC technician that had been working with us for the past two years. We thought he was good until we found out what he was doing. Apparently he had lost his job with the HVAC company a year earlier and he was using us as one of his sources of income. He was coming to do the service as scheduled and then he gave us a list of repairs and parts that we needed. I knew that in the past we would get a copy of the list and then the secretary would call and give us the estimate. The last time we had work done, the HvAC tech gave us the list and he already had all of the prices listed and he had done the estimate. It was like we weren’t even dealing with the HVAC company any longer. After several thousands dollars worth of work was done, I was angry and called the HVAC company. I finally got to talk to the owner. I told him what was going on and he asked me who the HVAC technician was. When I told him, he got very quiet. He told me that technician had not worked for his company in almost a year.


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