My team lost, but the party was awesome

The Super Bowl was held in this month and the both of us received a lot of invitations to hang out with our friends.

Unfortunately, everyone of us recently updated the furnace and cooling components.

I found myself to be easily spoiled by a new furnace, and decided to have the technician install radiant heat in my living room. Every one of us wanted to enjoy the football game from the warmth of our own living room. Some of my friends were disappointed when every one of us told them that we could not go to the parties. All everyone of us wanted to do was be at our own place with a couple of beers as well as snacks. I certainly didn’t want to force myself to entertain 10 or 12 people. Everyone of us invited a few close friends to enjoy the game and the radiant heat. Some of my good friends were perfectly understandable about this ecstatic situation, but some people seem to be put out by the fact that I wanted to stay home. The radiant heated floors felt great and all of the warm radiated everywhere. My friends as well as all of us enjoyed a cheese pizza, hot buffalo wings, snacks like chips and pretzels, as well as three different kinds of beer. The Home Comfort was indeed exceptional and none of us were disappointed to have stayed back at the house. The only disappointing thing about the evening was when my favorite team failed to win at the end. I was hoping for an alternate ending.

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