I had to go to the doctor’s office this morning, and it was freezing in there

This morning I ended up having to go to the doctor’s office, and I always hate having to go there.

  • First of all, they always seem to take forever to get me in to see the doctor.

It’s like the doctor is always running late and her time is more important than mine. I don’t have time to sit there in the office for hours at a time either. Plus, the indoor air quality in the doctor’s office is often sub-par. I don’t like going in there because the heating and cooling system in the office is just not that great. In the summer, it’s really stuffy in her office, and I find myself wondering if the office manager even has the A/C running or not! And honestly, when I go in there I’m usually prepared for a long wait. Most of the time I’ll go and take my laptop with me so I can work. But sometimes during the summer when the weather is heating up outside, I can’t even work because it’s so hot in the waiting area! When I’m too hot, I get really sleepy and I can’t really concentrate on the work I’m trying to do. But during the winter, it’s even worse. I don’t know what the deal is with the thermostat system. Maybe the office manager just doesn’t know how to properly program the thermostat in the office or something. During the wintertime when the weather outside is cooling off, the waiting area is either burning hot or it’s absolutely frigid. There’s really no in between at this place.


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At the beginning of the school year, the temperature outside was so high

When we went back to school this year, it was right in the middle of a heat wave in our area.

  • The summer temperatures had not really even been very hot, but it was almost like Mother Nature was waiting for the very end of summer to start heating things up.

When it was finally time for the kids to go back to school, we were still running the air conditioning full blast in our house. The thermostat at home was set to keep the house at around seventy degrees, and we were definitely paying a lot for our cooling bills at the end of the summer! But at least the rest of the summer season had been fairly cool. Anyway, when the kids went back to start school, the weather just wasn’t cooperating. My poor kids were in certain classes that had no air conditioning, and they were just miserable during those periods. At least they are older and were able to change from class to class throughout the day. It would have been really awful if they had been stuck in a class with no A/C for longer than an hour at a time. I guess the HVAC system at their school does pretty well for the most part, but I really think they need to go ahead and extend the comfort of air conditioning to the rest of the school so that all of the classes will be cool at the beginning of the school year. It’s only fair for all of the teachers to be in classrooms with available air conditioning.


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The coffee shop and the wonderful clean air

Me and my pals love to go to the local coffee shop and hear all the latest indie bands.

We’re a bunch of rock music geeks to be honest, and this is what we love to do in our spare time. Drink coffee and watch the bands play totally awesome music! This coffee shop has been here since the indie rock music boom of the early 90’s, and it still is going just as strong today as it was back then. Some things have changed though. One of those things being the super clean air quality that’s in here today. They got themselves some kind of major indoor air cleaner. Possibly, one of those industrial sized air purification systems. Back in the early days of this coffee shop, the air quality was always kind of stuffy and a little foul. It sort of added to the atmosphere, which as a kid, I thought was cool. But today, getting older, I really appreciate and need to be in good air quality wherever I go. If this coffee shop had not ended up going the rout of the modern air purification systems, there’s a good chance me and my pals would have not been coming here in these modern times. Being too old for bad air quality is the reason why. Hopefully, they will keep the good air quality going so we can keep coming here to hang out until we’re old and grey! We’ll never stop being the indie rock music geeks that we are, that is one thing I know for sure.


Doing home redecoration can be complicated

Have you ever been tired of looking at the same thing day in and day out in your home? Well, my wife was.

So she insisted that we redecorate the entire place. There’s a lot involved when embarking on a project like this. My wife wanted to have the walls repainted and have an electric fireplace put in as well. The issue we were running into on both, was the fact that the air vents from the heating and air conditioning system were in the way of where she wanted the fireplace put at! I know there’s no possible way to move air vents. So we had 2 choices. We could either block the air vents with the new fireplace, or, we could just have to find another place to put the electric fireplace she wanted. It was really causing me quite a headache. If we blocked those air vents, it could be bad for the HVAC system in general, as well as the air flow. Not to mention, it may turn out to where the ductwork may get clogged from having the heating and air conditioning backfire back into itself, if you understand what I am trying to say here. There’s gonna be a lot of planning and investing to do for this whole redecoration project, i’ll tell you that much. And, I may even seek advice from a heating and air conditioning expert on the air vent situation. There has got to be some way around this mess. Hopefully, we will find it, because having an angry wife is the last thing I need!

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The smart thermostat amazed me highly

I had heard people raving about smart thermostats for the last three years or so.

  • I wasn’t too sure on the whole aspect of smart technology and a thermostat.

I had experienced a bit of smart technology with door locks before, and they were nothing but trouble! I actually had to call a locksmith one time to get into my house, because the smart locks failed on me. And that was the end of my involvement in any kind of smart technology. That is, until now. I have never heard anything bad about the smart thermostat yet. So, I decided to give it a shot. After all, I could always ditch it if it does the same justice as those door locks! Well, I have to say that I had my smart thermostat now for over a month, and it has been nothing short of amazing! I love the idea of being able to control my thermostat while I am at work. This is really made life easier on my bank account. What I mean by that statement is, that when I am not going to be at home, I don’t have to have my heating or cooling system running and wasting electric! Even if it is over one hundred degrees out, I could have the house be as hot as a furnace while i’m at work. Then, about an hour before I am off and on my way home, I can turn on the central air conditioning system right from my smart phone! All this while I am on the last hour of my job! This thing is nothing short of a futuristic miracle!

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Finding a commercial HVAC provider for my new business

I was so cheerful that I finally got my business up and running! I am going to be having my own computer shop.

I will be selling computers and repairing them as well.

I was going to be starting small, and only hiring about 20 employees until business really gets going. I had the building bought and everything. But, I still needed to worry about the heating and cooling system. I managed to get this building a bit cheaper because there was no working heating or air conditioning in it. So, what I need to do is find an HVAC provider that deals in commercial heating and air conditioning units. This is not the same as just getting your standard central heating and air conditioning system. Because this is a very large building, a commercial HVAC system is the only thing that will heat and cool this place. Also, because I am dealing in computers, the perfect temperature control of the building is very important. A lot of computers are heat sensitive, so, if I don’t have great climate control in this new business, everything could go very badly! I wouldn’t want to sell damaged products to the customers, just to have them return everything for a full refund. I would go out of business really fast if that happened! That is why it’s important that I find a commercial heating and air conditioning provider as soon as humanly possible. I will have to search the internet more deeply. There has to be one in my local area.


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Finding perfection with a heat pump in my warm climate

It seemed like a one in a million chance to find such great insulation in a house built before I was born.

Granted, the last owners installed expensive double pane, hurricane-proof windows that are miraculous at keeping the air conditioning from leaking outdoors.

This is especially important when your climate is subtropical and has a six month long summer season each year. Although my air conditioner gets the most use by far, there are a few times during the middle of winter where it’s cold enough to warrant turning my furnace on. Sure, the electric furnace gets the job done and I never fear carbon monoxide leaks, but I hate the energy ratings and the disgusting smell. Without fail, my furnace has a nasty odor every year when I go to use again for the first time after its summer dormancy. My HVAC technician said that any dust or particulate that settles inside the heat exchanger and duct work are essentially cooked the moment the furnace is kicked back on. But, it’s the poor energy performance more than anything that is pushing me to look for alternatives. I discovered heat pumps through a family friend and researched what I could. It seemed like the perfect solution for heating and cooling in my climate. It draws heat from indoors and pushes it outside as an alternative to an air conditioner. And when you need heat, it can draw in ambient heat from outdoors in temperatures above freezing. I couldn’t remember the last time it ever got that cold here, so I took the plunge. I can even keep my electric furnace in case of an emergency or if there is ever a crazy cold front bringing temperatures below 30 degrees.

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The air handler in my condominium is located in my bedroom closet

I thought I had stumbled upon the perfect opportunity when I first discovered my condo. It was among a handful of local home listings at the time I was selling my house and considering apartments closer to my job. But, when I found a beachside condominium that costed less than what I was getting on the sale of my house, I jumped on it. I moved in right away and hauled old clothes and furniture to the local thrift store that wouldn’t fit in the condo. I thought I had found the perfect new home until I discovered issues with having my air handler in my bedroom closet. My condo has a split system for heating and cooling, so our condensers are on the rooftop while our air handlers are inside the units in any number of different closets throughout. For whatever reason, the original owner chose to put their air handler in the closet of the master bedroom. It takes up a third of my closet in size alone. This greatly reduces the available space for clothes or random storage. Occasionally, I find moisture spots on the outer metal surface of the air handler that slowly form mildew when ignored. But worst of all, this air handler is extremely loud while it runs. Having it inside the room you sleep in is easily the worst place in the entire condo to have an air handler, let alone a loud one. I constantly have issues getting to sleep and staying asleep from the sheer degree of noise that machine produces. I might have to move if I can’t find some practical way to dampen the sound produced by the air handler.

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I greatly rely on my HVAC technicians

I don’t know what I’d do without the service that my HVAC technician’s provide.

  • We have extreme temperatures in the summer and winter around here.

At the end of the year, if I tallied all the days, I could easily find that I’m using the air conditioning unit just as much as I’m using the heating! That puts a lot of pressure on my HVAC company to deliver the service that they promise, but they always do. Of course, they like the fact that I call them out very early in the season, before it gets particularly hot or cold. I am rarely the kind of customer that calls them in the middle of the summer or the winter when they’re really busy to ask for maintenance, because they typically have already taken care of me by then! Then again, I did sign up for an emergency repair plan. In case something comes up that nobody could have foreseen, I’m guaranteed to get quality service for very cheap, even if it happens right in the middle of winter or summer. I guess you can say I have all my bases covered when it comes to HVAC. However, that’s really necessary where I live. Sometimes, it makes me wish that I lived somewhere where the weather was far more mild throughout the year. It would certainly make life easier, and my energy bill would be admittedly quite lower. But that’s alright, because I have a great HVAC system and the best service for it in town!


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You'll find me indoors, enjoying my furnace during the winter

I don’t particularly like going out during the winter time, even when I’m not snowed into the house, which can happen often. Winter isn’t a particularly good time to be romping around in the Great Outdoors, at least not around here. I mean, of course we have the skiing enthusiasts and hikers, but then I hear about people dying from hypothermia and from avalanches and I just figure I’m better off inside. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous country up here. I do like to get out and about during the fall, when it’s not quite as cold and the colors of the leaves are beautiful. However, winter just doesn’t mess around, around here. It’s still cozy at my house, but that’s only because I have a gas furnace that is well-maintenanced and quite powerful. I take my furnace very seriously, and so do my HVAC technicians, because that is what I pay them for. They know that I will not be a happy camper if I have to call them later in the winter, because of a problem that they should have fixed in the fall. That has not happened in a very long time, much to their credit, and the one time it did happen, let’s just say that by the time I was done dressing them down, they decided that their service should be for free! In all honesty, it was not that serious of a situation, but they know now to treat me right, and give me the best service possible these days!


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